• Conveying Vacuum Pump MEC
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    Conveying Vacuum Pump MEC

    Introduction and Application: Absorbing the very breathable workpiece such as powder, fabric, paper or biomaterial Transport a variety of tiny particles, such as polystyrene particles, plastic pellets, rice or other fillers Remove non-corrosive vapors and gases Structure: The...Read More
  • Ultra-thin Glass Gripper MTGG
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    Ultra-thin Glass Gripper MTGG

    Introduction and application: A suction cup designed for light and flexible gripping of ultra-thin display glass Suitable for 0.1mm thick display glass production process Ultra-fast and flexible handling of fragile sheet workpieces in the associated automated and...Read More
  • Photovoltaic Gripper MWGM
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    Photovoltaic Gripper MWGM

    Introduction and application: Handle wafers and cells very quickly, safely, accurately and gently throughout the manufacturing process Stack and conveyor loading and unloading Precise positioning in visual inspection and position measurement, controlling the phenomenon of...Read More
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    Introduction and application: Needle clips (mainly textiles) for handling non-rigid and highly porous materials Handling materials such as composite textiles, wool, filter materials, insulation and foam materials that are difficult to hold using vacuum Structure: Rugged...Read More
  • MPLO Oval Flat Suction Cup Adsorption Area 100x300~370x80mm
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    MPLO Oval Flat Suction Cup Adsorption Area 100x300~370x80mm

    Application: Handling long and narrow workpieces such as profiles, door and window frames, etc. Oval suction cups are more attractive than circular suction cups when handling long and narrow workpieces Has a long sealing lip for handling very curved workpieces Structure...Read More
  • MPK Vacuum Flat Suction Cup Adsorptation Area 55~250mm
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    MPK Vacuum Flat Suction Cup Adsorptation Area 55~250mm

    Application: Handling workpieces with very rough or extremely uneven surfaces (eg decorative glass, textured steel, broken natural stone, etc.) Structure: Vacuum suction cup which consists of EPDM sealing ring MOS (very strong) and aluminum plate support plate Seal without...Read More
  • MPU Vacuum Flat Suction Cup
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    MPU Vacuum Flat Suction Cup

    Application(Adsorption area from 125 to 300mm): Handling smooth and even workpieces The MPU series has a thickened sealing lip for handling slightly rough workpieces such as wood or scaly metal sheets. The MPU series has a special gasket structure and carries a thin metal...Read More
  • SVK Series Check Valve
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    SVK Series Check Valve

    Check valve as a safety valve, mainly used in the vacuum system with the suction cup installation, if suction cups that do not suck the product will automatically shut off the suction cup and keep the system vacuum. Ball valve type According to the volume flow change effect...Read More
  • SW Series Throttle Valve
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    SW Series Throttle Valve

    For handling breathable workpieces Reduces the volumetric flow of the suction cup without touching the workpiece, maintaining system vacuum Can be installed anywhere Both ends are threaded connectors with cross-sections Wide aperture range for different volumetric flow rates...Read More
  • Steel Pipe Frams
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    Steel Pipe Frams

    Using a wide variety of parts for assembly, it is easy to create a jig plate that conforms to the shape of the workpiece,Use SUS stainless steel pipe (8, 12, 20)Read More
  • Non-contact Foam Gripper
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    Non-contact Foam Gripper

    Handling and separation of thin and light workpieces such as film, paper, veneer, without permanent deformation of the workpiece Handling highly air-permeable workpieces, such as printed circuit boards that do not have electronic components installed Handling delicate parts...Read More
  • Spring Compensates with Variation in Ejection Strok and Long Life Suspensions
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    Spring Compensates with Variation in Ejection Strok and Long Life Suspensions

    Compensate for height differences Soft attachment for sensitive products With internal spring protected from dirt and with spring deflection limiter Vacuum connection on top, vacuum channel via spring plunger Suitable for all standard size suction cups with wide range of...Read More